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SEE3 Town Team

The SEE3 Town Team is an open group of local residents, businesses and other interested parties focused on driving continuous improvement in our high streets in Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill.

In October 2014 we are launching monthly Town Team meetings focusing on a different topic impacting on our high streets at each meeting. The first meeting on 30 October will focus on the Mayor of London High Street Fund.

SEE3 Core Team

The SEE3 Core Team includes the SEE3 Ltd directors. The role of the Core Team is to drive and deliver the SEE3 Town Team vision, strategy and plan.

SEE3 Ltd is the company set up to facilitate and manage SEE3 funding.

What is a Town Team?

The following explanation is taken from the Portas Review, published in December 2011.

In order to compete with the internet and out-of-town retailers, town centres must put in place a visionary, strategic and strong operational management team. In some areas this is already done well by local authorities and Town Centre Managers. But their coverage is patchy and often focused on the day-to-day housekeeping of the high street rather than developing a sustainable and relevant offer for the future. Without highly competent, inspired and collaborative high street governance we are never going to get our high streets running effectively.

It’s up to local areas to decide what works for them, but a Town Team could include key landlords, large and small shopkeepers, council representatives with specific knowledge of planning and development, the mayor or MP, other local businesses and service providers, and local residents; the Town Team provides an opportunity for different local stakeholders to come together.

We need the belief and engagement of all the local stakeholders to create the sustainable high streets of the future. The best results will come from maximum collaboration at the local level to create high streets that people want to use, enjoy and return to. Town Teams could also inherit powers and rights to try new ways of working on the high street. This should be game-changing stuff and thoughtful engagement, not just the usual suspects round a table planning the Christmas decorations.

What does a Town Team do?

Town Teams should focus on making high streets accessible, attractive and safe. They would recognise the uniqueness of their own town based on its history, its communities and its aspirations. They would see the high street as a brand which needs nurturing and communicating. Critically they would inspire and engage with the public and get people visiting high streets again.

In addition, armed with a shared vision of the future and shaped by the people who will use their high street, the Town Team could have the power to decide the appropriate mix of shops and services for their area. Anything which doesn’t meet the agreed plan simply wouldn’t be able to go ahead. They would know for example, that too many of one type of shop might blight the street. The feel and future of their towns will be the responsibility of all, rather than at the sole discretion of a planning executive committee.

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