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This scheme ran from December 2012 – December 2013. This page is due to be updated with details of the scheme and future plans for empty shops in the area. Please contact team@theshoprevolution.co.uk with any questions.

The Shop Revolution aims to facilitate meanwhile use for empty shops, develop pop up shop opportunities and act as a springboard for new businesses looking to trial their business idea on a high street. We are currently focussing on Forest Hill, Kirkdale Village and Sydenham.

The aim is to renovate up to 12 empty shops for a pop up project which will generate a buzz in each of the town centres, and stimulate long term demand for retail properties.

At the moment our town centres suffer from a perceived lack of destinations.  This pop up project will give people a reason to visit the high streets and give existing traders a chance to advertise their offerings to a new audience.

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For further information, contact info@see3.co.uk

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