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photo of Chris Best

Cllr Chris Best – Director and Chair of SEE3 Limited

Chris has lived in and represented the Sydenham community for over 25 years and is passionate about improving the high street. She has a real understanding of the local issues by actively listening to the community which helps shape her vision of the future. Chris is Chair of the Sydenham Assembly and the Sydenham Town Centre Steering Group which was key in the development of the bid for the Portas pilot.

Chris is an influential councillor having delivered significant external investment to Sydenham including the opening of the East London Line in May 2010; £3.5 million from Transport for London for high street improvements; £3.5 million from Myplace for a youth led centre as well as over £2 million from Lewisham’s Local Implementation Plan for other transport improvements.

Through her role as Cabinet Member for Community Services Chris provides effective community leadership and one of her priorities is developing community volunteering and timebanks. For Chris, success of the SEE3 Portas Pilot will be residents fully involved in the life of their communities including a thriving high street.

photo of Alex Feakes

Alex Feakes, Director and Treasurer of SEE3 Limited

Alex was a Forest Hill ward councillor from 2006 to 2014 and is the Treasurer of SEE3.

After studying at Imperial College, London, Alex qualified as a financial accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and worked in the city and business in a range of sectors, including media and the arts.

He recently changed careers, and now teaches physics at secondary level at a school in southeast London. Alex has lived with his family in Forest Hill for over 10 years and amongst other roles with community organisations, is the trustee of a local charity.

photo of Annabel Mclaren

Annabel McLaren, Director and Secretary of SEE3 Limited

Annabel is currently Chair of the Sydenham Society.  She grew up in Baham, south-west London and then studied at Swansea University, moving to Sydenham in 1979.

After a career as a journalist and editor in books, magazines and newspapers, Annabel and her husband, Barry, set up Myriad Books – a publishing company dedicated to producing photographic books of Britain.

Always an enthusiast for Sydenham, her recent experience of working from home has made her appreciate SE26 even more. Annabel is delighted to be a Director of SEE3 and is convinced that the Portas Pilot will help to regenerate the three areas of Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill.

photo of Richard Hibbert

Richard Hibbert, Director of SEE3 Limited

Richard is a very active resident of Forest Hill.  He was the Chairman of the Forest Hill Society from 2009 to 2013 and a member of the Forest Hill Assembly Coordinating Group.

The Town Centre has been top of the priorities for the Forest Hill Society since 2010.  The Society has campaigned hard for investment in the Town Centre, successfully gathering over 12,000 signatures for petitions demanding a new pool complex and better transport connections.

Additionally, the Society has lobbied for inward investment and started a monthly Food Fair with the aim of filling the local empty shops.  In just six months, this resulted successfully in getting two new businesses – Aga’s Little Deli and The Butchery Ltd (Forest Hill’s Pop Up) into vacant units.

photo of Rebecca Leathlean, Alhambra Home & Garden

Rebecca Leathlean, Director of SEE3 Limited

Becca is the proprietor of Alhambra Home & Garden Spanish Shop and Cultural Centre in Kirkdale.

A founder member and Chair of the Kirkdale Village Traders and Community Group, she has worked hard to regenerate Kirkdale, winning funding for planters, street trees and bike stands and helping to organise events.

Kirkdale Village worked alongside Hugh Dames to host the highly successful 2011 Kirkdale Christmas Pop-Up which saw some 50 activities and events taking place in some 30 shops and other venues up and down Kirkdale.

photo of Petra Marshall

Petra Marshall, Member of SEE3 Limited

Petra is the lead officer at Lewisham Council supporting the SEE3 initiative. The Council is the accountable body for the grant funding provided to the pilot; and is providing support to the SEE3 team delivering grassroots bottom-up regeneration.

Currently Petra is the Local Assemblies Manager for Lewisham and prior to that was the Catford Town Centre Manager.

Petra brings experience and skills in community development, consultation, engagement and high street regeneration as well as links to other officers and expertise in the Council.

photo of Ed Holloway

Ed Holloway, Member of SEE3 Limited

Local resident and parent, Ed is Director of local architect and design practice BEEP Studio based in Havelock Walk, Forest Hill. The practice was founded in 2011 to offer a service spanning Consultation, Design and Making.

Ed has extensive experience of working with clients and end users in Public and Private development. Engaging with change has been a major focus for Ed and he has helped deliver outstanding projects for organisations looking to improve the quality of experience for staff and local communities through Enabling, Regeneration, Refurbishment and award-winning Design Projects. He has experience of leading teams on small to large-scale projects, and has worked with individual clients and complex organisations.

These skills are focused around a core of public consultation, which has led to a set of projects that have been very successful in the eyes of their users, as well as receiving high profile press coverage and professional acclaim. Recent developments in the legislation of planning and local government has meant a re-appraisal of how community groups and third sector organisations respond to changing needs in the context of local infrastructure.


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