Pop Goes Sydenham – Shops, Arts and Nightlife this Summer


Pop Goes Sydenham ran during the summer of 2013. Details of the initiative will be updated here soon.

Following on from The Shop Revolution’s first three pop up shops in December in each of the SEE3 high streets, and the fourth shop in February along with the first Forest Hill Fashion Week, Pop Goes Sydenham is a high impact, wide scale project coming to the high street this summer, aiming to reinvigorate Sydenham high street by:

  • Stimulating retail growth.
  • Bringing interesting and exciting evening events to the high street in response to feedback from the community as to the lack of an evening economy.
  • Bringing art to the high street to establish a recognisible identity as an arts community.

The separate initiatives are as follows:

Pop Up Shops

We are aiming to open four pop up shops this summer. 167 Sydenham Road launched on Saturday 18 May with new tenants Gunpowder Cherry Pie and Flash Trash.

SEE3_POPUP_18MAY2013-0420 SEE3_POPUP_18MAY2013-0413

5 Kent House Road will open mid July.

photo-85 photo-84

172 Sydenham Road will open mid July.


We are in the process of securing one more shop.  Contact The Shop Revolution team to apply to run a pop up shop.

Pop Up Supper Clubs

In collaboration with local resident and supper club broker Belinda Lester we are running a series of ticketed supper clubs in cafes and empty spaces in the high street throughout June which are sadly sold out. Belinda is looking to bring further supper clubs to the high street which we will share details of.

Pop Goes Sydenham Community Party, 13 June at The Dolphin

On Thurs 13 June The Dolphin hosted Pop Goes Sydenham Community Party from 5pm.  Local street food traders cooking up delicious food included Fleischmob, Boquifresco, Mean Green Foods and Mr Muffin. With musical acts organised by the Sydenham Arts Festival it was a great evening which saw much of the community turn out in support. See photos of the event here.

london family portrait photographer london family portrait photographer london family portrait photographer

Sydenham Street Art Festival


In order to celebrate the strong arts identity in Sydenham we are collaborating with Global Street Art to bring street art to walls and shutters in and around Sydenham during the Sydenham Arts Festival.

Pop Up Theatre

We will be collaborating with the Sydenham Arts Festival on the 5th and 6th July to bring Retail Therapy, a series of unique retails theatre and events, to shops and empty spaces in the high street.

Pop Up Club Night

Controversial we realise but we’d like to have a go at bringing a cool club night to Zanzibar. Planning is still in its very early stages but if you’d like to be involved in any capacity drop us an email at theshoprevolution@see3.co.uk.

Louise Brooks
The Shop Revolution, delivering pop up shops and events for SEE3



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