Matchbox Pinhole Workshop, 17 October at SEE Gunpowder Cherry Pie & Flash Trash

Pinholedoublepan10307.13cweHave you ever wanted to make your own pinhole camera? Learn how to make a matchbox pinhole camera that will give you all the dreamy images you have ever wanted. The pinhole is the most basic camera you can get; lensless and as old as time.
The workshop will be hosted by local fine art photographer Ky Lewis. During the workshop attendees will make a small portable camera that can take multiple exposures on film.
This is not too difficult but some cutting and measuring is involved.

Cost £10.00

*Book in-store.

Ky Lewis is a fine art photographer, living in London for over 25 years. Her images use analogue processes with little post production. Creating pinhole images and images without lenses using the sun has become a passion. The pinhole cameras are often made out of simple waste items such as old tins, film pots, boxes and the like, from such disposable items come dreamy images, resonant of past memories. She also teaches art, printmaking and photography sharing her knowledge of these processes with children on projects such as Solargraphy and Lumen printing.


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