Pop-up opportunity – 161 Kirkdale

After over two months at 161 Kirkdale (and decorating it so beautifully) Syd’s Vintage are moving on – but not far! Clair Draper has just taken a permanent lease at 96 Kirkdale, gazing out at the roundabout and down Dartmouth Road.

We’ll be publishing more about them once they’re settled in, but in the meantime that means there is another opportunity for you to try out your business idea in a highly family-focused area.

161 Kirkdale SE26

If you are interested, please submit an application:

Download Application Form – 161 Kirkdale (Word)

Viewings of the shop will be available by appointment – please contact team@theshoprevolution.co.uk.

Applications close Friday 26 July.

More information about the shop can be found here: Retail Unit to let -161 Kirkdale.

Successful applications will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be available to run the shop for a minimum of four weeks.
  • Be largely self-sufficient, which includes being able to manage any payments required and have staff to man the space. There may be an opportunity to be part of a collaborative group. Please enquire at team@theshoprevolution.co.uk for details.
  • Organisations can be commercial, arts or community.
  • Organisations that have plans to hold community engagement activities or can demonstrate that their business will attract footfall will be preferable, as footfall is difficult/low on Kirkdale.  The market on Kirkdale is largely a family market, being surrounded by four primary schools, and the shop is due to open during the Easter holidays.  Therefore a shop that can demonstrate an appeal to this market would be ideal.  A demographic analysis of the area is available for download.
  • There will be a charge of £300 per shop plus utilities and the successful candidates will need to have Public Liability Insurance along with any other insurance or licenses required to run their business.


Contact Details

For further information, contact info@see3.co.uk

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