Pop up opportunities coming soon to Sydenham

popupAs you may know, our next focus of pop up activity will be in Sydenham, from May to July (exact dates to come). We’re in the process of obtaining several shops along the high street, and the promotion will be a united one, joining up with the Sydenham Arts Festival which runs in early July.

It’s too soon to supply any definite details yet (that’s the nature of the process), but we want to give our prospective pop up tenants as much time as possible to consider their offering.

Successful applications will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be available to set up and run the shop for one month during the period May-July.
  • Be largely self-sufficient, which includes being able to manage any payments required and having staff to man the space.
  • Be able to cover business rates, utilities and (a small amount of) rent for the period.
  • Be able to fit out the shop with their own (or borrowed) furniture and equipment.
  • Have Public Liability Insurance along with any other insurance or licenses required to run their business.
  • Be able to demonstrate how a pop-up shop features in their business development plans.

Watch this space for more developments!


Contact Details

For further information, contact info@see3.co.uk

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