Goodbye Bluebell Woods, but Love ur Look stays on

SEE3 Sydenham  (15 of 15)colourful_Well, we had a good run at the Sydenham popup in Station Approach. First it was Conquer’s Wardrobe, which supplied many a Christmas present to the fashion-stylish; and then it was taken over by Bluebell Woods, who sold distressed furniture and ornaments for a shabby-chic home.

Finally, though, this Sydenham popup is closing – but for the very best reason: the owners have found a long-term tenant!

SEE Boutique - Love ur LookIn the meantime, though, our Forest Hill popup is continuing in strength. Although there is a lot of interest in the unit, it’s not ready to rent out just yet, so Ronke Fashola will be staying on for another month to share her very colourful sense of style with the Forest Hill fashionistas.



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