Loughborough National Portas Event

Every so often, the DCLG convenes a meeting of the 27 Portas Pilots. Last week SEE3 were invited to make a presentation at the meeting in Loughborough, another second round pilot. Click here to download a copy of the presentation.

SEE3 at Loughborough Portas convention

It was wonderful to meet so many other enthusiastic people and to hear their stories, successes and failures. It is easy to take for granted the progress which we have made, but listening to other groups' struggles made us appreciate the depth of our core team and how lucky we are to have the active support and backing of Lewisham Council.

Chief among the queries from the other groups was how we had recruited the various positions detailed in our bid. All the roles have been recruited through Lewisham Council, who were instrumental in drafting the job descriptions with our input. The five roles we have recruited are:

  • The Shop Revolution Project Manager, responsible for delivering the pop up shop project.
  • A Market coordinator, responsible for delivering markets in each area.
  • Our Town Team Manager, responsible for building the Town Team, delivering the smaller projects and sourcing additional funding to ensure SEE3 has a life beyond Portas.
  • The Artists in Residence with responsibility for delivering a series of events engaging the public about the future of their high streets, identity and place in our two community hubs.
  • The Hubs Coordinator is an additional role which we identified the need for after winning the bid. Luckily, we have received extra funding (in the form of interest on the s106 monies) which has funded this role.

(Follow the links to download the job descriptions)

The other main question related to rates and leases for the Pop Up shops. We use the lease developed by the Meanwhile Project. SEE3 Limited takes on the intermediary lease, but our tenants are responsible for rates, utilities and insurance through their sub-lease. This enables them to claim small business rates relief (if applicable). Useful resources are the Meanwhile Handbook, Meanwhile Advice for Landlords, Meanwhile Intermediary Lease, Meanwhile Sub Lease and Pop Up Business for Dummies by Dan Thompson


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