Insight Interview: Doopo Doopo

This is the fourth in a series of interviews to give you a bit of an insight into the businesses behind Forest Hill Fashion Week. Today we talk to Agata Zielinska-Hyrn of Doopo Doopo:
What we do
DoopoDoopo CIC is an Art Gallery and Boutique based in South East London, Forest Hill centre, specialising in affordable, high quality, locally sourced art, on a sale, commission and rental basis, as well as offering a range of complementary products and services including; art consultancy, art workshops, SWAP events, and many more.
We are recently refurbishing an additional space to turn it into a Cinema, Theatre, Tattoo Studio and a Workshop Space. DoopoDoopo CIC is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to support South East London based visual artists, both emerging and established, through a range of services and activities designed to help them develop their careers and gain exposure and promotion for their work.  With artists at its heart, DoopoDoopo CIC functions in a unique fashion, operating a membership system which gives artists a range of benefits including their own web page, access to exhibition, career development and promotional opportunities, as well as help and advice, networking events and discounts on art supplies and framing.
Why Forest Hill?
We choose Forest Hill as it feels like our foster home :) Being from abroad, it’s not easy to find yourself home – and we did, 8 years ago, in Forest Hill – and we stay true to it.
Who we are
We are a truly family (and friends) – run business. There’s me: Agata, the eye, brain and mouth of the business, Michael – my husband – Man Of Many Talents – Artist and Tattoo Artist, Maja – our older daughter – our heart and sensibility and Lukrecia – younger daughter – The Pixie. There is also Graham – our favourite Artist in Residence and Natka: my sister, best helper ever. There’s also Theresa from Germany – our Window Manequin. And many other Friends, who are always here for us when we need them (Love you all)
Three things you may not know about us
  • Theresa comes to life at night.
  • You can buy here an Artwork in installments if you really really love it.
  • I envy people who can paint :)

FHFW Events

Doopo Doopo held four events during Forest Hill Fashion Week:

  • Walterworks Weird Clothes Show and MeHow Flying Tattoo Parlour Advisory and Demonstration
  • Clothes Swap and Beauty Event: Make Me Beautiful – Inexpensively!
  • Kids Fancy Dress Catwalk
  • Fashion/Jewellery Show





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