We welcome Tony Buckley as Town Team Manager

tbuckley photoSEE3 are pleased to announce the newly appointed Town Team Manager, Tony Buckley. Tony will have responsibility for overseeing the delivery of all aspects of the pilot, for setting up the Town Team and identifying ways that the pilot can be extended.

Tony brings a wealth of experience to the role. He has worked with local authorities both as an officer and in the political realm, as Council Leader and local Councillor for Waltham Forest; and Regeneration Manager and Neighbourhood Economic Development Manager for Tower Hamlets. Tony has also worked with the business community, having managed the Local Employment Growth Initiative (LEGI) at East London Small Business Centre Ltd. Tony currently works with Peckham Space.

Tony is very much looking forward to meeting and working with everyone in the SEE3 area to deliver the innovative projects of the pilot and create a strong Town Team from which to continue the achievements of SEE3.


Contact Details

For further information, contact info@see3.co.uk

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