Sydenham Hub – Jill – we made it!

Okay, so did you forget what it looked like at the start? Here it is…and then how it looked just before it got populated with plinths, products and people! Someone call Grand Designs.

Those who followed my posts know that it’s been hard work, only made possible by volunteers. There have been a few challenges along the way, too!

During the heavy rain we had recently, the ceiling sprang a leak near the front – panic stations! Thankfully we were there when it started, and so was the builder here to check out damp patches. Phew…

Next there was the shutter failure – it just sagged and locked us out for two days just before the launch! Fixing it required the removal of a large part of the front ceiling, which is why Eddie Saul is here at 7am on the morning of the launch putting up a fake ceiling.

Also here at 7am on launch day is Paul Rushworth (of Canvas and Cream), putting up the ‘Jill’ sign, when the shutter lockout had also meant we couldn’t access the signage. Stress? What stress?

But what’s a few problems when you have so many fabulous local friends to help out? Whenever I run a project like this, I meet more amazing people than anywhere else!

Now that we’ve caught our breath for a moment, we’re about to move to stage 2 of the Hub’s main purpose: community engagement.  Look out for more developments very soon.


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