Sydenham Hub Renovation – Days 4-5

Oh goodness me, do I have a life outside decorating this hub? ……..No. Thankfully I have lots of fabulous volunteers to help me make it through…

The photo below is the very last time you’ll see it this colour. Next time, it will be WHITE!! W00t! All has been scraped, washed, filled and sanded. And wiped again… Maybe a bit more filling. And sanding. And wiping.

Do you want to help to make it white? It’s The Big Paint both days this weekend – email me or call me on 07775 893785!

Today’s Volunteers

These are two days’ volunteers – say hallo to Linda Welsh, and hallo again to Zara Nethersole and Aaron Seale. Linda is the PR woman for The Shop Revolution, doing a wonderful job! Zara is currently creating a video about making her candles, which I can’t wait to see. I wanted to make a hilarious joke about her demonstrating her new range of body powders, but I’ll let it pass. Aaron is still practising his modelling poses while thinking through his next video project.


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