Sydenham Hub Renovation – Day Trillion

It’s all happenin’ now!! After what seemed like endless preparation, it’s suddenly gone into decoration overdrive!  I actually think we may open soon…. We’ll certainly be ready for the Big Launch Day on Saturday December 1st.

Our recent volunteers

Lovely Lucy Morris came in and got stuck into painting the front window frames:

I’m a trained youth worker and I work for an international children’s charity called EveryChild. We work with local partners to keep children safe when they are alone and at risk. We protect children in danger of ending up on their own by keeping families together, and we get children back to a safe and caring family, wherever we can. My role is as a Programme Manager which involves looking after projects in Moldova, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana, and I’m currently doing a part-time Diploma in Child Psychology. In case you’d like a random fact about me, my claim to fame is that I once worked as an elf in Harrod’s Winter Wonderland :)

Aaron Seale has been my faithful sidekick on many a day at the Hub – if anyone has some film/graphics work to be done, Aaron is your man! He’d make a wonderful clothing salesman too, I think, though he doesn’t realise it!

Cyrus Colquit of Stag & Bow is a talented craftsman and easily put together and hung the first canopy today. He has recently started offering picture-framing services, and you’ll soon see him starring in our How to make a Christmas Lantern video!


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