Sydenham Hub Renovation – Day Trillion + 1

This weekend I was looking after all the pop-up shop renovations, too, so there was a lot of zooming around in my car. It’s now covered in white emulsion. As is half my body and all of my clothes.

Luckily Bruce Harrison had marshalled his artistic troops and I suddenly had a whole roomful of people painting, filling, cutting, gluing and assembling! All the plinths and the canopies are built, awaiting final finishing and installation.

The ply floor is almost finished, looking so good thanks to Dan Pearce; and Paul Treacy and Bruce Harrison spent the whole day putting together the plinths. Veena Scialo and Sarah Hodder made short work of the front cupboard and Disco Platform. [Editor: Pen, it is not going to be a disco platform, will you stop saying that?!]

I’ve included a couple of photos from the pop up shop at 49 London Road, to be The Butchery. Butch Gordon (The Attai Press) and Rob Lowe (Supermundane) have spray-painted the shutter! Why do we have such boring high-streets at night when you can do this?


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