Sydenham Hub Renovation – Day 963

I don’t know. I’ve lost track. I think I’ve been scraping and scrubbing and painting this place for a thousand years…

We’re getting there, though – I don’t know if we’ll open on Nov 26th, but we might yet!

Photos taken today – the walls have had their 3rd and final coat and look Pretty Nice. The floor has been stripped and filled, which is why it looks a bit of a mess. We’ll be plyboarding it this week, ready for some funky arty stuff to be done on it by the Hub Artist later on. On the left wall will be a huge display structure for local designer/makers to show their wares (more information soon). On the other walls will be various exhibitions and community…things.

Our recent volunteers

These came at various times, but all worked incredibly hard! Hover over the pictures to find out more.


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