Sydenham Hub Renovation – Day 6

The result of a hard day’s rollering. Maria is the rollering queen, I think – definitely better at it than I am. Not quite all white yet – the wall on the left has….issues…., so is a little behind. On the other hand there’s a whole alcove that you can’t see – that’s very white indeed. I’m still working (a little obsessively) on the hole in the wall on the front-left there, too. You will have to come in and admire it.


Can you see the Paint Fairy?

So Louise Brooks comes into the shop, and rightly admires our outfits. She agrees to take a Paint Fairy Twins picture, because it’s not like we’re nine years old or anything. I tell her that I’m so taken by the paper boilersuits I’m going to wear them at home, because I always spill everything over my clothes. She looks at me derisively: “I really can’t think why you haven’t got a boyfriend,” she says.

“It’s a mystery,” I agree.

Today’s Volunteer

And today’s roller-buddy is once again Maria Ramil! A talented decorator and even more talented photographer!


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