So, what has been going on with those Pop Up Shops?

While Pen has been pretty prolific at keeping everyone up to date with progress at the hub, I have to apologise at being a wee bit shoddy in my updates.  I have spent a few days running around in circles in pure panic mode, and have had some great volunteers and Pen come to my rescue on more than one occasion.  But I’m pleased to say we’re almost there and ready for The Big Launch on Saturday.

Here are a few snaps and some updates on what has been going on at each of the shops:

49 London Road

Pop Up Tenants: The Butchery

The most notable thing about 49 London Road if you haven’t yet seen it is the shutter art courtesy of the very talented Supermundane and Butch.  It’s been turning heads in Forest Hill and quite literally stopping traffic so if you haven’t seen it yet stop by.

Ed and Tzi from architects firm Beep Studio have been directing design, and creating a very fetching sign for The Butchery that will be hanging in the window tomorrow.  We have had the fantastic volunteers from the Young Lewisham Project over to help with the painting (it is now a fab shade of mushroom), with Pawel Momont (Aga’s husband, from Aga’s Little Deli) retiling the kitchen for us and discovering a beautiful parquet floor underneath the tiles.

We finished electrics today and work on fixtures and fittings by the talented guys at Havelock 11. Tomorrow the signage will be fitted and the front of the shop finished.  And at the 11th hour we’ll be having a new water heater fitted.  Phew… its been exhausting!

Ruth and Nathen of The Butchery have been amazing in supporting and coordinating efforts, all while trying to nurse a very sick baby.  But hopefully Zoe is now on the mend and everyone is excited about the Big Launch on Saturday.

161 Kirkdale

Pop Up Tenants: Pen & Gravy, and Modernish

We’ve had a longer slog at 161 Kirkdale but its looking pretty fantastic now.  Colin and Tom from Havelock 11 have been in here working their magic too building the internal fittings and fixtures, while Eric and his team of volunteers from the Young Lewisham Project (including Jamie Jones who asked me to name check him) have done a brilliant job plastering and painting.  Jamie Palmer of Pen & Gravy and Dan Thomas of Modernish have also turned their hands to decorating and a bit of demolition.

Today we worked on lighting and electrics and it was a bit touch and go but its all safe in there now.  We had signage fitted today and it looks great. Now all it needs is a clean-up and for Jamie to work his magic on a window design and we are set to go!

Unit 4, Station Approach, Sydenham

Pop Up Tenant: Conquer Gear

The Station Approach shop didn’t need quite as much work as the others. We’ve had Pawal Moment in doing the painting while Tom and Colin from Havelock 11 have been in here too raising a platform and fitting a door.  Lighting has been a bit of a nightmare but the fabulous Eddie Saul (local artist and advertising professional) and Richard Hibbert (SEE3 Core Group and Forest Hill Society Chair) came to the rescue to get them all fitted.  We’ll have the sparky in tomorrow to ok it and we should (fingers crossed) be good to go.

Meanwhile Sebastian Stobbs of Conquer Gear has been scouring the local antiques shops  for wardrobes to fulfill his creative vision of a Conquer’s Wardrobe which are due to be delivered tomorrow.  And we were sent a copy of his brilliant window graphic for the shop today.  Very excited!

So, what’s next?  Well there’s just that small matter of The Big Launch.  So we’ll be speaking with caterers and entertainers and….


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