Sydenham Hub Renovation – Day 3

A pair of heroes

What a pair of heroes I had today! Most people think decorating is fun because they like the painting bit – and don’t we all: great sweeps of white paint making everything beautiful like a snowy day. Really, though, it’s the preparation work that’s the important part of renovation; and the least sexy part of that is the wash-down with sugar soap.

My two volunteers today uncomplainingly washed the whole of one side of the shop and more, and rinsed it too! It doesn’t show up especially well in the photos, but the walls were desperately dirty and it makes a huge difference to how well the paint adheres – and therefore to the final result.

Ye-e-es… That’s a rather large hole (partially filled) in a big dent, which you can just see in the picture above it showing the plastering work I did. Watch this space to see if my experiment of bunging it full of paper and plastering it over will do it. Otherwise it will be out with the expanding foam…

Today’s Volunteers

Maria Ramil and Aaron Seale – I’ll bet they’re feeling the exercise today! Maria is a photographer, currently offering workshops to parents wanting to take better photos of their children (Learn the magic ingredient of the best child photographers!). Aaron is a top model. No wait, that’s not it. Aaron is a local video maker, looking for an interesting music-related project.


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