Sydenham Hub Renovation – Day 2

Be-yoo-tiful Clean Walls!

Yeah, you’re going to be less than impressed by these before-and-after photos, so you’ll have to take my word for it: we took them from manky what-MORE-random-screws-and-what’s-all-that-black-stuff-oh-dear-that-IS-a-big-hole-isn’t-it to smooth, clean and gorgeous, ready for filler.  Mr Myagi would have been so proud of our wax-on-wax-off sugarsoap wash-down technique.

We also tackled a big old mess in the corner (below), which was some kind of wooden cupboard and display unit in one – tastefully painted in wood varnish by someone wearing a blindfold. You can’t see much in my before-photo because it’s behind a curtain (doh!), but add a ton of shelving and anther hundred screws to the after-photo and you have it…

Actually we didn’t do quite all of it – a visiting male friend yesterday, when I said it had to go, immediately picked up a hammer and gave it a few vicious whacks, removing a good part of it just like that! Ah, men.

Today’s Volunteer

And Todays Volunteer was….Milly Prett! Milly is a Performance Artist (see her bizarre film shorts here).


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