Sydenham Hub Renovation – Day 1

What a great start to the renovation! The main tasks of the day were to dismantle the display boards and low platforms (see below), and remove various battens. The platforms came away with some judicious ‘builder’s kicks’, but the display boards were a fiendish horror of hidden screws. Many, many screws. So many. Very, very lots. Gibber.


Between the three of us, we managed to get them down without bringing the wall down too. After that there were some fiendish-but-nowhere-near-as-fiendish-as-the-display-boards battens to remove, and then after that I was let loose with my new toy: a long-handled wall scraper with a razor-sharp blade. Seriously – get one, go scrape a wall. It’s glorious.

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Before and After

Today’s Volunteers

Our thanks to Zara Nethersole, and Ian Bland of Credo Ceramics!


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