SEE3 welcomes our new Market Maker – Deborah Efemini

One of the key projects in the SEE3 portfolio is that of the Market Makers: regular and themed markets in Forest Hill, Kirkdale and Sydenham, where budding entrepreneurs of all ages can trial their wares on the public and have a taste of the retail life. We are now very excited indeed to welcome local resident and business-owner Deborah Efemini as our Market Maker-in-chief.

No stranger to the world of street markets, Deborah was formerly a town centre manager for Lewisham Council, ran the Lewisham Country Fayre and the Lewisham Winter Festival, and still runs the Catford Broadway Monthly Market. An energetic and clear-thinking woman, she also has over 10 years experience of running her own vintage and vintage lifestyle events business.
Says Deborah:

“Our aim is to make the SEE3 area a better place, by encouraging the development of the area through social and economic interventions; giving voices to various demographics within the community; supporting and offering opportunities for economically, physically, and socially disadvantaged groups; and encouraging entrepreneurship by taking satellite markets, short term shop use and social enterprise to the next level.”

Market Makers in brief

The first phase of the Market Makers project will be to create SEE3’s Christmas Markets, part of the wider SEE3 Christmas Package. This is already a punishingly short deadline, so Deborah is hard on the case! The second phase, from January, will be to develop and launch the SEE3 rotating markets and social enterprise.

Find out more

Do you want to be involved? Deborah wants to hear from you if you would like to run a stall or can offer entertainment at the markets. You can contact her at To be kept up to date on the markets and all things SEE3, you can subscribe to our newsletter.


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