SEE3 Marketing Committee Minutes – 11/10/12

TH, 2012


The meeting opened with an introduction of those present, what their background was and how they wanted to get involved.

Those present were:
Louise Brooks (SEE3 Core Team and newly appointed The Shop Revolution consultant)
Rob Lamb (owner Sugar Mountain in Forest Hill, and creative director at private agency)
Michael Abrahams (Forest Hill Society)
Serge Sumerling (owner B Cards Forest Hill, leading on Totally Locally shop local scheme for FH Traders Association)
Penelope Else (part of the newly appointed The Shop Revolution team, webmaster of Sydenham Town Centre website)
Nell Wood (intern for newly appointed The Shop Revolution team)
Zara Nethersole (digital marketing background)
Cllr. Chris Best (Counsellor for Sydenham ward, SEE3 Core Team member)
Kate Mallinder (marketing strategy and comms)
Emma Mallinder (marketing strategy and comms)
Emma Coop (freelance graphic designer)
Eddie Saul (Creative PM for Tower Bridge)
Lynda Saul (marketing background)
Deborah Efemeni (newly appointed SEE3 Market Makers Coordinator)
Martin O’Brien (digital marketing manager)
Ali Jones (broad marketing expertise with strength in comms)

Apologies from:

Tracey Syrett
Rachael Cummings
Tara Breen
Gill Stevens
Alexis Marshall
Hattie Whiting
Suki Pickering
Linda Welsh
Casey Refault


Louise Brooks presented an update on the SEE3 Portas Pilot:

  • There have been two rounds of Portas Pilot towns:
    • 1st announced in May – 12 towns won
    • 2nd announced in July – 15 towns won, 3 London towns funded by the GLA including SEE3
  • The SEE3 winning bid included 3 key initiatives:
    1. Two community hubs (Jack & Jill): one in Sydenham, one in Forest Hill
    2. Market Makers: an initiative to kick-start markets in the area
    3. The Shop Revolution: up to 12 pop up shops in empty units, supported by a calendar of events
  • The bid team have been busy:
    • A Core Team has been set up to get the Portas Pilot of the ground. The group consists of the bid team, plus a representative from each area.
    • The team have held an announce event at the Horniman in August and spoken at Assemblies, Traders Association meetings and the Pools opening.
    • The team are in the process of setting up an independent company to receive and manage the funds. This will be a CLG.
    • In the last week the team have appointed a team to deliver The Shop Revolution (lead by Louise Brooks), and a Market Makers Coordinator (Deborah Efemini).
    • Job specs developed for Hubs Coordinator and Artist Engagement roles for Jack & Jill community hubs, and the Town Team Manager. To be advertised in coming weeks.
  • Updates on each initiative:
    • Jack & Jill community hubs: Sydenham hub secured and work due to begin. FH hub still needed. Should open in next few weeks. Appointments for Hubs Coordinator and Artist Engagement role to be advertised in coming weeks. Volunteers needed to run hubs.
    • Market Makers: Deborah Efemini appointed as Market Makers Coordinator. Three Christmas markets planned; one for each area. Deborah starts post 15/10. Application process for traders to be advertised imminently.
    • The Shop Revolution: Louise Brooks and team appointed to deliver project. Main team includes Penelope Else (PM), Lynda Welsh (Marketing & Comms) and Nell Wood (Intern). Three pop up shops planned for Christmas supported by calendar of events within high street shops. One empty unit secured on Kirkdale. Application process for pop up shops to be advertised within next few weeks.
  • SEE3 marketing to date:
    • SEE3 brand, and We won, Get Ready, Join in, Love your high street campaign for announce event.
    • Announce event in August at the Horniman Museum & Gardens. Leaflets to every home in Sydenham and Forest Hill. Posters in high street shops. Press coverage in range of local newspapers, online media. Over 200 attendees to event.
    • Website: Social media channels: @SEE3PortasPilot,
  • Marketing – Next Steps:
    • Develop SEE3 brand. Ideas: Jack & Jill hubs, pop up shops, lamp-post banners, upcoming events.
    • Regular comms and engagement: regular newsletter, weekly updates on website.
    • Website: reflective of brand, improve content. Create a ‘What’s On’ section.
  • Queries/points raised:
    • Serge asked if we can advertise on rotating column advertising board outside Sylvan Post. We will look into. Suggested we could also use the community noticeboards in Sydenham and Forest Hill.

Louise outlined items for discussion in break out groups:

  • Group 1: Totally Locally
    • A shop local scheme recently launched in Forest Hill by Serge Somerling and the FH Traders Association. The scheme launched with a ‘Forest Hill for a Fiver’ campaign at the Forest Hill Pools launch.
    • Totally Locally is a wider scheme, a social enterprise set up by a group of consultants in the North of England to support independent retailers with a branding and marketing campaign for their town which has been free up until now. There are currently 18 towns participating.
    • Serge explained that if FH residents spent an extra £5 each week this would put an extra £3.5 million into the local economy.
    • The SEE3 bid did include a shop local scheme. The SEE3 Core Team would like to see how the Totally Locally scheme works in Forest Hill and consider rolling it out to Kirkdale and Sydenham.
    • Serge highlighted a lesson learnt from the launch was that the £5 offer maps should have been available ahead of the launch date in each of the participating shops.  Feedback was a great scheme but one person felt the messaging was unclear in the promotional materials.
    • The break-out team were to discuss how the Totally Locally brand and SEE3 brand can work in harmony, and how SEE3 can support the FH Totally Locally Scheme.
  • Group 2: Christmas
    • There is going to be a Christmas Committee meeting 24 Oct which will aim to bring together all of the local groups, schools, churches, associations etc… to coordinate efforts and collaborate where appropriate. Its also an opportunity to spread the word about the SEE3 Portas Pilot.
    • The break-out team were to discuss how we might bring the local community together in a shared activity that can become part of the Christmas celebrations. Louise used Ruislip Manor as an example, where pom poms were made in a community hub and they will be used as Christmas decorations in the high street shops.
    • Eddie mentioned a project in a Scottish village where lanterns were made out of objects that meant something to the person or business making the lantern, and then lit and hung in the high street.
  • Group 3: Halloween & developing the SEE3 brand
    • Every year Sydenham Road holds a Halloween celebration for the local children. The children go into the shops that display a Halloween motif (e.g: a pumpkin) to receive a treat. The break out team were to discuss whether we can communicate the SEE3 Portas Pilot via marketing materials.
    • The break out team were to discuss possible next steps for the SEE3 brand.

Feedback from the break out teams:

Break-out group 1

Overall the team didn’t come to any conclusions as to how the brands could work harmoniously.

Break-out group 2

  • A tree in each area, with decorations made by the community.
    (Please note that there will be trees in Sydenham and Forest Hill – funding has already been allocated from other places)
  • A lantern parade, with community groups (schools etc) making lanterns for it. Culminates somewhere around the three areas with carol singing.
  • John O’Groats style sign promoting the proximity of the other areas
  • Connecting Christmas lighting in the SEE3 areas to connect them. Possibility of using SEE3 colours and/or ‘SEE3’ in lights.

Chris said that the contract for the Christmas lights only covered town centres so there was to be an additional cost should the lights extend out of this area. The plan to have the lights in the colours of SEE3 was seen positively, but it would need to connect the areas for it to promote the brand. Whatever happened at Christmas, there would need to be good marketing in place to ensure that the community in the areas knew what was going on.

Break-out group 3

  • The group were concerned with recreating something that was already well established with regard to Halloween.
  • For building a brand SEE3 flags or stickers in shop windows to generate brand awareness and interest which follow on from We won, get ready, join in campaign with ‘Have you joined in?’.  We also discussed using postcards and Christmas cards. Louise mentioned that Design for London (the GLA’s design agency) had been keen to identify stories in the form of history or people’s stories that connect people with an area. Postcards would be a great way to do this.
  • The team felt that the brand initially needs to be supported with the tagline ‘Love your high street’ to add meaning to the brand.
  • The team felt the brand needed clarity to make it clear that it’s SEE-3 and not S-E-E-3. Louise suggested that through brand development this will become clear. For example the pop up shops signage could read: SEE Sydenham etc.., and various campaigns may be titled ‘SEE Art’, ‘SEE Christmas in Forest Hill’ etc…

Serge said he didn’t like the SEE3 brand and said that it didn’t mean anything, and a few others voiced concerns over not understanding the brand. The team behind the brand explained that it takes time for a brand to become established. SEE3 is a very young brand and it will take time for values and meaning to become associated with it. This is the purpose of brand building.

The teams were then split broadly by capability to determine thoughts on roles:

Creative Team
Rob Lamb
Emma Coop
Eddie Saul
Emma Mallinder
Kate Mallinder

Comms Team
Deborah Efemini
Lynda Davis
Nell Wood
Zara Nethersole

Tech Team
Penelope Else
Martin O’Brien

Next steps

  • Emma Mallinder has agreed to help lead the Marketing Committee in the immediate future and so will be driving a lot of the next steps.
  • We will be organising meetings with each capability group (broadly Creative, Comms and Tech) with the following key tasks in mind:
    • Establishing a regular newsletter
    • Establishing regular blog postings
    • Christmas campaign
    • Website improvements
    • Brand development
  • Next Marketing Committee meeting Tues 6 November.
  • We will be holding a Christmas Committee meeting Weds 24 October with representatives from various groups in the community with the aim of coordinating and collaborating on planned events and activities leveraging cross promotional opportunities.
  • We will look into how we might apply to use the rotating advertising columns in Forest Hill (and Sydenham) as one possible medium. Its thought that there is an opportunity to advertise community projects/activities.



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