Materials, equipment and volunteers needed!

We’re about to get our hands very dirty indeed, setting up the Sydenham Community Hub (Jill) over the next few weeks, and as we’re on a mini-micro-budget we need to source as much materials, equipment and time as we can for free!

If you can supply anything from the two lists below (donate or lend as appropriate), or give us some of your time for prep and painting, please contact us as soon as you possibly can, or call Pen on 07775 893785. If it’s not on the lists but you think we’d be interested, don’t hold back!

Sydenham Hub Renovation Day 1
Sydenham Hub Renovation Day 2
Sydenham Hub Renovation Day 3
Sydenham Hub Renovation Day 4-5

Update – The Big Paint is here!
Saturday – 10am – 4pm
Sunday – 10am – 4pm

If you can help out, please contact us and we’ll tell you the address [No drop-ins, please, for health & safety]. 

Surface preparation and painting

Thank you to Sydenham DIY for their generous support of the Sydenham Hub Renovation!

  1. Polyfilla powder in bulk, pots to hold paste, stirrers
  2. Plastering knives, scrapers, super-scrapers, wire brushes
  3. Sandpaper in bulk – different grades
  4. White emulsion paint in bulk
  5. White gloss or eggshell paint in bulk
  6. Paintbrushes, rollers, extended rollers, roller trays, paint trays (all clean)
  7. Cleaning equipment for brushes, white spirit
  8. Clingfilm
  9. Buckets, sponges, cloths, scrubbing brushes
  10. Sugar soap
  11. Rubber gloves, latex gloves, gardening gloves
  12. Goggles, dust masks
  13. Floor coverings, protectors
  14. Masking tape in bulk, different widths
  15. Dustpan & brush, broom
  16. Rubbish bags, rubble bags
  17. Ladders, steps
  18. Crowbars, screwdrivers, sharp knives, hammers, de-nailers

Interior design/fit-out materials

Do you have something that we might be able to use in the fit-out or design? It could be basic materials as in the list below, but also could be random furniture, or a half-ton of copper tubing, or a collection of strange lampshades – we’re receptive to anything, because part of the challenge is to make something beautiful out of what’s available!

  1. MDF sheets
  2. Plasterboard
  3. Softwood – planks, sheets, battens
  4. Fixings, connectors
  5. Flooring (wood laminate)
  6. Meeting tables & chairs, computer desks
  7. Shop counters
  8. Bookcases/shelving
  9. Sturdy boxes (wooden?)
  10. Upholstery fabric and other textiles
  11. Anything (potentially) either extraordinary or in bulk.

Your time = free therapy!

Do you feel the urge to get sandpapering or scraping? Perhaps painting and rollering? It’s the ultimate therapy, turning something messy and ugly into something clean and beautiful – don’t miss your chance to be able to point at a bit of wall in the community hub and say “I did that”…

If we’ve persuaded you to join in, please contact us as soon as you possibly can, or call Pen on 07775 893785.


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