Join In! SEE3 Christmas Committee – Weds 24 Oct

SEE3 Christmas Committee

We are organising a SEE3 Christmas Committee. This is a committee for all of the groups, schools, churches, associations and civic societies in the area who are planning to hold Christmas events.

The aim of the meetings is to coordinate our Christmas activities, identifying areas where we might collaborate and join forces to promote our Christmas activities, allowing us to spread our messages further than our normal reach.

We’d also like to explore opportunities for how we might make our festive celebrations go off with a bang to really celebrate our Portas Pilot win.

The meeting will take place in the Community Room at Forest Hill Pools on Weds 24 October at 7.30pm.

Please do let us know if you would like to come along, and please forward this on to any other representatives of local groups who have Christmas events planned and so can benefit from this committee. Equally if you would like to volunteer to help in organising and running the Christmas Committee or our planned Christmas activities we’d love to hear from you.


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